8cyl NON-Adjustable Cast Iron Fuel Distributor Repair Kit



This kit contains: 8 x barrel slit seals, 2 x barrel seals, 1 x lower body seal, 1 x seal for underneath the fuel distributor, 8 x differential pressure springs, 8 x differential pressure spring caps, 8 x outlet to injector filters, 4 x 12mm copper washers, 16 x 10mm copper washers, 3 x 8mm Copper Washers, 1 x system pressure valve seal kit, 1 x base nut & piston retaining washer, 1 x main diaphragm.

Suitable for Bosch Fuel Distributors with the following numbers: 0438100012, 0438100013, 0438100016, 0438100027, 0438100038, 0438100095

Please note that some of the above fuel distributors were also released as adjustable type Fuel distributors and will therefore require the kit for adjustable type cast iron fuel distributors

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 1 cm
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