This page is under construction. Please email me about anything you need or want to know. I have lots of parts plus exchange reconditioned Fuel Distributors and Warm-Up Regulators available. info@k-jet.biz


Reconditioning Fuel Distributors and Warm-Up Regulators since 1993

All Fuel Distributors and Warm-Up Regulators are sold on an exchange basis. We need your old one back to continue our business and to supply to the next person who needs one.

12 Month Guarantee on parts and workmanship (unless damaged by dirt and/or water in the fuel). We rebuild our Fuel Distributors and Warm-Up Regulators with many parts, custom made for us, so that our remanufactured parts meet the highest standards.

We can recondition your own part if you want this to be done.
Fuel Distributors can be up-rated for extra power and performance on request.

We want your old Fuel Distributors and Warm-up Regulators. Contact us to tell us what you have.

All Fuel Distributors tested on our Bosch KDJE-P 200 flow benches, our Warm-Up Regulators are set to Bosch original Specifications on our bespoke test bench.

We use the best quality seals which are compatible with all fuels, although we do recommend avoiding ethanol based fuels where possible. But we also build fuel distributors for racing cars that run e85 and our seals are totally fine with that fuel.

Many of our seals are not ‘off the shelf’ but are made for us to our specification. Our diaphragm material is also made for us and we have diaphragms for our KE fuel distributors and KE Fuel distributor kits are pre-shaped for better immediate function.

Full technical help available by Phone or Email. If you are having problems with your K-jet vehicle, send me details of your problems. I started my mechanics apprenticeship in January 1973 and have specialised in European cars since 1979.

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