Fuel Distributors

K-Jet Specialists Fuel Distributors

We have been reconditioning fuel distributors since 1993. Every one is fully stripped and cleaned and reassembled with top quality parts. They all have a one year guarantee.

They are tested on out Bosch KDJE-P 200 flow benches, we have 3 of them, and we also have our own bespoke test benches too.

All fuel distributors are tested to ensure that they are back to Bosch original specifications.

Every fuel distributor runs on the test bench for a number of hours at idle settings, full load settings and in-between too, so that we can be certain that it functions 100% correctly before we prepare it for shipping to you.

Whenever you refit a fuel distributor to the air flap, you need to install a new ‘O’ ring under the fuel distributor and also new copper washers. All these are supplied with your reconditioned part from us.

Also, please read the ‘refitting fuel distributors’ instructions below, on setting up the fuel distributor. It is very rare to fit a fuel distributor and it will run correctly, the mixture key will need to be adjusted as every fuel distributor sits slightly differently.

Refitting Fuel Distributors

When refitting an exchange fuel distributor it will almost never just bolt on and start and run correctly. This is because the relationship between the fuel distributor centre piston and the air flap is never the same between 2 units.

Before bolting on a fuel distributor always:

Replace the O-ring on the bottom of the fuel distributor as supplied.

Bolt the fuel distributor onto the air flap and refit all the pipes except for the lines to the injectors. Always use the new copper washers supplied.

Bridge the fuel pump relay (pins 30 & 87) and watch for fuel coming out of the injector line outlet ports of the fuel distributor.

The mixture screw (3mm Allen Key) is between the fuel distributor and the air flap

Fit the fuel injector lines, start the engine and when it is warm, adjust the mixture to the manufactures specifications.

Get the engine warm. Once it is warm and idling put the Allan key in the mixture screw. Make a note of where the key is pointing. Turn the key clockwise, richer, until the idle starts to get rough. Make a note of where the key is pointing. Turn the key anticlockwise, leaner, until the idle starts to get rough. Make a note of where the key is pointing. Now come to halfway between where the roughness was, then go leaner just slightly. That should be about right.

WARRANTY: Warranty covers only the repair or actual replacement of the component. In the event of a failure of the component within the warranty period K-Jet Specialists must be notified immediately so that the necessary repairs or replacement can be undertaken without delay. Dismantling or tampering of the component within the warranty period, without the express permission of K-Jet Specialists will void the warranty. This warranty does not cover labour, consequential damage, injury to person or persons, towage, accommodation, loss of income, nor does it cover defects arising from accidents, misuse, negligence or damage caused by vehicles modified from manufacturers specifications. Warranty will not apply where a fault can be attributed to a cause outside of the component such as contamination by dirt or water in the system.