8Cyl Alloy KE Fuel Distributor Repair Kit



This kit contains: 8 x barrel slit seals, 1 x barrel seals, 1 x lower body seal, 1 x seal for underneath the fuel distributor, 2 x EHA Seals, 1 x KE Piston-barrel screw seal, 8 x outlet to injector filters, 2 x 12mm copper washers, 1 x 10mm Copper Washer, 3 x 8mm copper washers, 8 x 7mm copper washers for adjuster caps, 1 x main diaphragm.

Suitable for Bosch Fuel Distributors with the following numbers: 0438101015, 0438101016, 0438101017, 0438101018, 0438101032, 0438101033, 0438101040

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