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All of our WURs are stripped apart and cleaned. The fuel cell is removed, disassembled, cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, the surfaces refaced, new seal fitted, new screws are used to reassemble the fuel cell.
The electrics are tested, we have new resistors and these are replaced as necessary, the seal around the electrical plug is replaced.
A new main body seal is fitted.
The springs are replaced, remember that some of these were first used in 1973 and so they are getting very old and saggy now.
The whole section where the vacuum assistance diaphragm sits, is replaced with a brand new part. There is a new main diaphragm and the small ‘hat’ diaphragm is replaced too. The centre pin and diaphragm washers are replaced as part of the new vacuum diaphragm assembly.
A new base with an adjustable thread plug is fitted so that the WUR warm pressure can be adjusted for economy or power.
New body screws and nuts hold the WUR together.
Once reassembled the WUR is placed on our bespoke test bench where it is set to Bosch’s original specifications, and it is fully tested for it’s operational functionality.
It is supplied with new copper washers for the fuel fittings.
All our reconditioned K-Jet parts have a 1 year warranty.
We have been reconditioning K-Jetronic & KE-Jetronic parts since 1993.
All of our parts are
EXCHANGE, and I really need your old part back, plus any others that you may have laying around, so that I can continue my business. If I don’t get your old part back then I don’t have one to recondition and to send out to the next person who needs one.
As a further incentive to send your old part back, in the price you paid there is a exchange surcharge of AUD$1
50.00 and when I receive your old part back I will refund you this money.
We need your old units to continue our service. If you have extra old units we are happy to accept them in part exchange to help reduce your purchase price. When you send your exchange unit back, for each extra part you send I will add an extra $50 to your refund. So if you sent your exchange unit back with 2 extra units you would receive your exchange surcharge plus an extra $100. Any K or KE Fuel Distributors or Warm-up regulators of the same part number will be accepted for exchange so long as they are complete.
Warranty: All units are guaranteed against faults for 12 months. This warranty covers the unit and postage only. Warranty is voided by contamination by dirt and/or water. A new fuel filter should be fitted each time a component is replaced. Inspect the contamination in the old fuel filter. If it is excessive, clean the fuel lines.
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