0 438 100 057 Exchange Reconditioned Fuel Distributor (price includes $250 core surcharge)


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Exchange surcharge of AUD$150.00 is included in the price and will be refunded when I receive your old part back

We have been Remanufacturing Fuel Distributors and Warm-up Regulators since 1993

All Fuel Distributors and Warm-up Regulators are fully stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with new parts wherever necessary. Each Fuel Distributor and Warm-up Regulator comes with copper washers for all fittings and a base sealing ring. No fittings/connections are supplied with the units. They are as per photo.

All Fuel Distributors are tested on our Bosch KDJE-P 200 Flow Benches

All Fuel Distributors and Warm-up Regulators are EXCHANGE. Please don’t buy from me if you are not going to send your old part back. I need the exchange parts to carry on my exchange business.

We EXCHANGE your old part for our reconditioned part of the SAME PART NUMBER. If you don’t have the same part number to exchange, please contact me. A surcharge is included in the price to ensure return of your old exchange unit. Surcharge is immediately refunded on receipt of exchange unit.

We need your old units to continue our service. If you have extra old units we are happy to accept them in part exchange to help reduce your purchase price. When you send your exchange unit back, for each extra part you send I will add an extra $50 to your refund. So if you sent your exchange unit back with 2 extra units you would receive your exchange surcharge plus an extra $100. Any K or KE Fuel Distributors or Warm-up regulators of the same part number will be accepted for exchange so long as they are complete.

Warranty: All units are guaranteed against faults for 12 months. This warranty covers the unit and postage only. Warranty is voided by contamination by dirt and/or water. A new fuel filter should be fitted each time a component is replaced. Inspect the contamination in the old fuel filter. If it is excessive, clean the fuel lines.

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